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We opened our doors just a few months ago in September 2016 after being at a different location for 3 years.  With the move, we have added a full bar and gift shop and dinner.  We want to thank you all for coming out and showing such support!  We love our friends and family and especially ANGOLA, Indiana!  We want to improve everyday and are so happy we were able retrofit an older building and have one more place to hang out in Steuben County!!   We are blessed and look forward to you sharing a meal with us!

Craig and Colleen

only happy comments :-) and good vibes!

Hi, my name is Christian and I am the Brand Manager of beyondBeanie. We are a social brand that makes fashion accessories inspired by Bolivian ethnic culture such as bracelets, beanies and bags which provide jobs to artisans in Bolivia while also giving back to help children in need.

Very recently, I became acquainted with your company and got quite impressed by what I could learn about your through your website. Therefore, I decided to contact you to ask if you’d be interested in supporting our brand by carrying some of our products at your store.

What’s unique about beyondBeanie is that each product is hand-signed by the artisans who make them, and for every item sold there’s a social aspect to help a street or orphan child in Bolivia. Example: 1 beanie = 5 meals, 1 bracelet = 1 dental care.

I cordially invite you to take a look at our brand and products through the links provided below. I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you any further details over a video call as well as send you a sample so you can try our products.

Online Bracelets Catalogue:
Online Products Catalogue:
Our Wholesale Price List:

Please note that as a special offer, free shipping is always included in all our wholesale orders.

Best regards,

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LOOK FOR A NEW DINNER MENU in January.  This will add some nice things and easier wine parings.  We offer some great selections of Indiana fruit WINE.


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